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Thermal Echo is a professional fire performance group, and as such is available for performances at various events, both private and public. Our shows draw on a pool of skills as captured in the photos on this site, including staff twirling (both single and twin), poi (chains), fire eating and fire breathing.

To discuss the inclusion of fire performance at your next gathering, please contact us through any of the methods on our contact page.



People have been attracted to fire since time immemorial.

There is a passion in fire and an eternity. We gaze upon its flickering light and savour the heat whilst absorbed by the rumble of flame devouring air. It is a link to a primal past and a reminder through timeless experience of our ancestors through the aeons.

Thermal Echo shines beneath the stars. We play with the elements and bring a little passion to every performance through fire, flesh and light.


Many people are familiar with the presence of sparklers and glows sticks at parties - but most are amazed with what we can do with them!

The hazard of fire indoors led us to create performing equipment of a new kind. The traditional poi, single and double sticks have been redesigned to incorporate lightweight timber and rope in place of steel and chain.

Sparklers and glow sticks provide a spectacular show that is suitable for performances in smaller indoor areas, or in conjunction with fire in outdoor events.


Safety is a key issue, for both the performers and the audience, and we always carry fire extinguishers and fire blankets should the worst come to pass - thankfully we have not had to resort to such in all of our time performing. In return, we require a safe area to perform, with sufficient space removed from through-traffic and flammable materials. Our full show is best encompassed in a level area 10m wide and 5m deep.

Light & Sound

Ambience can make or break a show, and fire is no exception. Since ours is in essence a light show, any competing lighting should be at a minimum to view our show at its best. In particular, there should be no harsh lights in the fore or background, and spotlights should be avoided. Musical accompaniment sets the rhythm for our performance - we have our own sets of music we can provide or we can discuss options available at the venue.