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Thermal Echo


Thermal Echo was formed in 2001 in response to an overwhelming demand for quality fire performance acts.

The founding members of the group have trained together for five years and hosted weekly training workshops throughout most of that period.

Over these years we have encountered a broad spectrum of fire performers, ranging from amateurs to experienced street and gig performers. Our reach into these talented communities has ensured a constant refinement of ideas and skills and provides a basis for recruiting additional performers upon demand.

Cormac and his Poi of Death


Standing at nearly 7 foot tall, Cormac brings a towering presence to the act with his trademark Poi of Death arcing fire across a huge 3-metre span. His fire breathing through the middle of this wall of flame is a spectacle to behold.

Troy with twin sticks


Twin sticks are hard to use, but Troy makes it look so simple. Perhaps being double-jointed helps. Precision of mind and body is apparent in all that Troy does, which is why he is also a maestro of fire eating, single stick, and poi.

Hamilton weaving fire


Hamilton weaves a little fire magic with intricate finger work and a dynamic stage presence dancing with single stick, double stick or poi. Australian shores welcome him home after a tough year performing in a Caribbean paradise!

Msquared framed by fire

M² (Msquared) brings an abundance of energy to the group as a performer whose impressive repertoire of tricks includes fire breathing, single stick and poi. He somehow finds the time to also serve as sound, lighting and pyrotechnics engineer.